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Mejia & Company is an economic development consulting firm specialized in providing innovation and growth strategies to both rural and medium-sized communities in Texas. Our innovative solutions promote collaboration, diversification and economic resilience.

Our firm offers an assortment of services that guarantee the successful implementation of developed solutions for you. Our expertise includes full development of custom economic development projects, grant management, public-private partnerships, and infrastructure projects.

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Economic Development

Strategic Planning

Our firm's offering of strategic planning for economic development includes a full suite of services from one-to-one stakeholder meetings, workshops, and audits.

Entrepreneurship Ecosystems

We can help identify and implement a custom ecosystem with fundamental resources for entrepreneurs to add vibrancy and economic resilience in your community.

Commercial/Industrial Development

From master planning to business recruitment. Mejia & Co. can work with your community to package and market any piece of real estate to promote smart and sustainable growth. We also develop site selection reports based on mobile and demographic analytics with our industry recognized data partners.

Workforce Development

We offer substantial assistance in developing workforce development programs and skills training from small, medium and large businesses in your community.

Rural Community Assistance

We understand rural communities and the challenges they face with a continuously evolving economy. We assist in promoting small business development, human capital recruitment, and industry support for agricultural businesses.

Public-Private Partnerships

Our firm understands the complexity of tax revenues and its performances throughout the state. Our firm specializes in designing the necessary measures, policies, and agreements to develop unique public-private partnership projects that meet the community needs without negatively impacting communities.

Federal/State Grants

We specialize in developing grant-ready projects that define and meet a community, county or region's economic development goals. Our experience ranges from federal and state grants focused on economic development and workforce development projects.

General Consulting Services

Our firm is available to provide general consulting services to help start-up organizations grow robustly and effectively.

Marketing & Public Relations

Brand Development

We understand communities. Our firm is capable of developing new brand strategies that are stakeholder-centric.

Content Production

We help communities tell their stories in the most unique ways to attract business and promote quality of life through commercial photography, videography and graphic design.

Public Relations Strategies

Our firm can assist you in developing key relationships with local, state and national media networks to control your organization's public message and image.

Website Development/Social Media

Our team can work with you in implementing the necessary communications plan to guarantee success in online engagement for both stakeholders and site selectors.

Demographic & O/D Research

Our firm has partnered with leading data firms that can provide you with retail analysis reports and origin/destination studies that illustrate how your community shops through cell phone data.

Crisis Communication Planning

Our firm, in partnership with Alia Consulting, can provide your organization with tailored assistance in developing, coordinating, and managing crisis communication. Our experience will deliver a variety of strategies focused on maneuvering through a variety of sensitive scenarios that can "make or break" an organization.

Government Relations

Our firm and partners provide assistance in developing and executing key government relations strategies for both the U.S. and Canada. 

Educational Advisory

In partnership with Alia Consulting, our firm provides higher education teacher training and counseling and guidance support for both the U.S. and Canada.

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